Saturday, February 23, 2008

On a First Name Basis

Max has found it easier as of late to call us by our first names. He'll walk around the house trying to find me calling "Eeesh? Eeesh? Eeesh?" all the way. (He's doing it right now as a matter of fact...the irony) If he's with me and Shane is in another room and I call Shane's name, he'll follow with a loud "Ane!" We get a big kick out of it which is probably the reason he does it all of the time.


StephanieAnn said...

That's awesome! He is so cute, I love the picture!

Siggy said...

I love that face Max is pulling! I had to leave a comment as well because I know how like me, you check for comments...daily or even more! Shoot sister...the Monster Jam was on the 15th and 16th. We will have to keep our ears(well your ears) open for even a dingy one that comes to town! But we are so on for next year! It's a date! It was so fun to talk to you until really late! I have missed you. Lets play more! xoxoxoxo

Cafe Johnsonia said...

Lou? Is that really you?

Man. I'm almost crying at how funny you are and how cute your little Max is and all the other stuff. And that I found you!!!

By the way--not a stalker, just your old pal, Linds.

Shoot me off an e-mail sometime so we can catch up.


Seth and Peggy said...

Hi guys,
I haven't read your blog in several weeks. It is really fun to see what you are up to. I am at the city library on my lunch break and had a really good laugh. I became so absorbed in what I was reading I forgot I was in a reverant place and I used my outside voice...a couple of times. The second time I slipped up and laugh out loud I tried to quickly stiffle it but it only resulted in snot blowing out my nose. The librarian gave me some glares.
Better get back to work.


dillon, annie, parker and wyatt said...

parker did that too! it's surprising to me that when your given name is yelled out to you by your son in public, you feel a little stupid. best of luck to figure our a way to keep it in the house! loves