Sunday, November 20, 2011

Halloween 2011

Yeah, I know my posts are always a little anticlimactic because they're always at least a month late, but here it goes anyway...

I think it's no secret now that I LOVE Halloween...everything about it. I start dreaming up what costumes we could make sometime in July (actually, most of the time sooner...I usually tuck away ideas throughout the year. I already know what half of us are going to be next year :)

Shane and I didn't really dress up this year...I know lame. Not sure what happened, but we still had fun with the kid's costumes.

Now I want you to know that I don't force my kids into their costumes. I do ask them what they want to be (yeah occasionally I plant ideas, but still :). Just lucky for me, they haven't wanted to be the commercial stuff yet (you know like Disney and what not...nothing wrong with those at all and i know they'll want to be those soon enough, but I can have a lot more fun with the generic stuff.).

Max requested to be a robot. So without further adieu, meet the xam bot 3000.

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Max and I had a lot of fun together planning his costume. He gave a lot of great ideas and even drew a few blue prints. Here is one of them:

Xam bot slices, dices, vacuums your carpet, and even lights your way on a dark night.

robot laugh

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He is also very eco-friendly. As a hybrid, he runs on fuel and electricity. And he's made from recycled materials. I know, we're very green around here.

robot fuel
Don't forget to put candy in his fuel tank or he'll go into meltdown.
robot dials

xam bot

robot bootie
Can't get enough of that cute robot bootie :) This is the part of the photo shoot where he was "powering down" if you will. He was d.o.n.e.

Luckily, we fueled him back up later on and got a little robot boogie out of him

robot boogie

robot lights

So technically, I didn't ask Jayne what she wanted to be and wait for the response, but I did ask, "Do you want to be a cupcake?" and thankfully she was all for it. I saw this genius idea from a friend's sister-in-law and I was instantly smitten and had to do it. Just made a couple changes to make it our own and voila...


...a delicious cupcake with a cherry on top. Made with a lamp shade, spray paint, an old sheet, some plastic bags for stuffing, ribbon, rolled up paper and a little felt.


DSC_4905 copy

Jumping in a cupcake can be tricky, but she pulled it off :)


cupcake squat

DSC_5018 copy

Now for Lucy, I could not decide what I wanted her to be. Thank heavens for my friend Sig...she came to the rescue and sent me a link for this awesome idea and as soon as I saw it, I was on board...


Lucy: hot air balloon pilot extraordinaire . It doesn't get much cuter than that folks. Sorry, it just doesn't.

balloon look


DSC_4248 copy

balloon top



DSC_4304 bw

Well, so I said Shane and I didn't dress up, but as we were running out the door to go to our neighborhood trunk-or-treat, Shane whipped together this little concoction


I think this partly came because of the fact that I almost had us dress up as Magnum P.I. and Higgins. (Maybe someday soon :) Yep, I'm a sucker for a good 'stache, what can I say :)

Happy late Halloween y'all!