Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Catching up...yet again

I have no reason to be this bad about's just the way it is. So I feel bad that I'm a tad late in reporting that our little man is 2! He is such a fun boy. We never knew someone that small could make us laugh to the point of tears! We are so happy to have him in our lives. We love you bud! Here are some pictures from birthdays past:

And here is this year. Don't look too closely at the cake. It's pretty dilapidated. Thanks mom for saving what you could of it and to my amazing chef friend Lindsey, I need major help in the baking dept. whenever you get a chance!

I also failed to report on our fun Island Park trip with Shane's family. This is an annual tradition that we always look forward to. They are such a fun family and I am so grateful for all of them and that I can completely be myself around them. Thanks for the good times everyone. We love you all! (no Janet, I'm not saying any of that because you guilted me into it...I really do feel that way! :)

Howard Springs-Fresh mountain water you can drink and wow is it good! Also, because it is freezing, we always have contests to see who can hold their hand in the longest. Congrats to Jaden, our winner, and to Janet for beating your man. Grandpa, we want to see the whole hand in next time, ya hear!

Sara, Jaden, Max, Keri, Matt doing yearly skits
Marie and Max
Man that water was dirty after! Marie, Kaya, Max, Justin
No, he's not checking for fleas or lice. Derrick just using Matt's head as a turn table-typical D :) The Maxes

And this is me getting my knees caught in the railing outside. I know you swell a little while pregnant, but c'mon! Yeah, yeah, this is something the kids are supposed to get themselves into, right? I really thought they were going to have to saw off the logs or my legs, but luckily, Hoss came to the rescue and let me sit on him so I could shimmy out (sorry it's not the most flattering picture of you Hoss, but you really did save me that day:). 10 minutes and a couple hundred tears (from laughing so hard) later and I was free.

Max feeding the birds at Big Springs. Obviously, pictures will never do anything real justice, but if you ever go to Island park, you have to see Big Springs! I think it is one of the most beautiful little places there is. And the fish are about the size of Max! (No lie)
Also, you need to visit the lodge at Yellowstone Park if you haven't. Amazing!
The whole Clan (minus Derrick-taking the pic, and little Max-taking a nap)
And last but not least, Mom and Pop Frazier who made it all happen

Monday, August 4, 2008

Love My Girls

This weekend I went to St. George with my mom and sisters-in-law. I was never blessed with sisters, but I couldn't have hand-picked better sisters-in-law and I'm so grateful that they fill that void so perfectly. And of course, Mom, you are truly my best friend. Thanks for putting this together for all of us. We had such a blast! Some of my favorite memories: Lyndsay (you know what I'm talking about :), Les Miserables, navigating Amber until she went crazy, dancing in the aisles at 'Mama Mia', telling Chilis all about "piddle", brain freezes and freezes of other sorts :), and just laughing our heads off. Thanks girls...I love you!


I'm lovin' this girl too!

Just found out on the 30th. We are so excited and can't wait to see her! Just hope she's not as husky as Max :)