Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fried Pickles and Harlem

This post is to brag a little on the love o' my life. He always keeps me laughing and on my toes. For my birthday, he asked me to go to the neighbors as he slaved in the kitchen. When I got back, there was a plate of, well...I didn't know at first. All I knew is that he had been frying something. I took a bite and to my surprise (I know this isn't that suspensful because of the title, but humor me) FRIED PICKLES! He saw it on the travel channel on a show called "Bizzare Foods" and decided I might like them and you know what, I did! Dip them in a little ranch and bon apetite! Then came the main course...STEAK! I was really impressed. It was fantastic! Of course you have to have a cake and who else would I want on it than my boyfriend Spongebob. Actually, I haven't watched a full episode in my life. Just Shane being random once again. :)
After dinner, he gave me a series of 6 clues. I guess I'm a little slow, because I didn't figure it out until the last one.
1-On Monday, we'll be attending some entertainment. The program will likely be colorful; mostly red, white and blue.
2-Like Monday Night Raw, there will be a lot of big, sweaty men doing their thing.
3-The performers are known as magicians and world travelers (in a manner of speaking).
4-A handful of times their show has been ruined by a group of jealous Generals from Washington D.C.
5-Children of all ages will enjoy the entertainment, but with names like Goose, Curly, and Twiggy, you'd think it was Sesame Street.
6-You may need a little help from I-tunes at this point...specifically from "Brother Bones." Look for him under Recently Added Songs!
Finally, after hearing their theme song, I got it!

Insert video of Globetrotters here (It didn't work-Sorry, I'm still a rookie)

(Finally figured out a way for it to work if anyone still cares :)

As you can see, we spared no expense and got courtside tickets. (Okay, to be fair, there was one other row behind us. Ever the optimist, Shane looked behind us and said, "Just think hon, it could be worse")

What a guy! Thanks for a great birthday hon!


Siggy said...

I love SpongeBob! You should actually watch an episode...its pretty humorous! It was so fun to visit with you last night!

christianna said...

sounds like so much fun! hope you had a happy birthday. :)

Ang said...

I'm such a bad friend... I missed your birthday! Sounds like you had a lot of fun though. What a man you've got. Good girl.

Melissa said...

Elise, I just have to tell you that I love your blog! It's hilarious! I especially loved your previous posting of funny!!! And as a side comment, on almost every blog that has music, I turn it off as soon as I open the page because I don't like their music--yours is the only music I just let play...let's just say I open your blog at work and leave it open all day just so that I can work to your music because I LOVE it! I can't believe how much your guys' taste is JUST like mine and Jon's. We should seriously be friends. For real. We miss you guys!!!

Spenny and Nellie Morris (Mo town) said...

Happy (late) Birthday Eeesh! What a creative thoughtful hubby! Fried pickles--I dunno! To answer your question we really liked the name Logan, and decided it would have significance too since that is where we met/fell in love...and that's where he was concieved too! he he. So our next is going to be named Ventura probably. JK. Miss you guys too!!

Seth and Peggy said...

mmm fried pickles. I made my blog a private one, but I'm not sure of your email elise. just email so I can send you an invite!

Seth and Peggy said...

just kidding about the private blog. my brother told me it was "so...2000" and not to do it. So I changed it back.

Karrissa said...

Shane never ceases to amaze me! Happy birthday! Hey, if you want me to put a different email address for our blog access just email me at Thanks guys!

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know we love checkin' out your blog...I mainly keep our blog up to speed, but Ma'ake enjoys it as well. Do ya'll remember us???..HAH!! We loved the fried pickles..I was crackin' up!!! I never knew a boy from Idaho would be interested in fryin' up some pickles, but HEY!!! It good to see you guys!! Lets keep in touch!!