Monday, January 27, 2014


Guys (assuming anyone is even still looking at this blog!)...I am at terms with the fact that I suck at blogging and that this little blog probably won't see much action anymore.  At least not for now.  I just can't keep up.  Some people can and I think it's amazing, but I just know I'm not one of them.  If anyone's interested, I'm a little better at keeping up on instagram if you want to see what our family is up to. (I'm @elisefraz)

So with that, I still post stuff every once in a while (not good at it either :) on my photo blog and this week I finally got around to posting Halloween.  I love it too much to leave it by the wayside.  Go check it out!

IMG_8155 IMG_8076 IMG_8170


Kem said...

you guys always do the best costumes. congrats on Charlie he's pretty perfect.

Heather Williams said...

Oh Lou, I just love your blog! Of course I love when you always have the funnest pictures and such cool talent. Please please post!

You have theeee cutest famdamily!


Courtney Taylor said...

Darling costumes! I enjoy your pictures on here, even if it is sporadic. Let's be honest, life is crazy and sometimes playing with your kids is more important that blogging about those times right? Enjoy being a mom and we'll enjoy the pictures you post whenever that is!


Thanks for sharing... I like it..

Panharith said...

You have theeee cutest famdamily!

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