Monday, November 19, 2012

Halloween 2012

You know I love Halloween, so we filled this year with a lot of Halloween goodness.

Earlier in the week, we met up with all the Wilding cousins.  So fun to see everyone in their cute costumes!

We started Halloween out right with the most important meal of the day.  Had to make it Halloween-y too.

Then I got to go to Max's kindergarten class to help with the Halloween party
This was a game I played with them where they had to race and wrap each other up like mummies 

Around 4 was the ward trunk-or-treat

Then at dinner we got Halloween-y again.  I remember my mom doing this when I was a kid and loving it.  You order from a menu, not knowing what food you will get or what you will be eating it with.  I had them order 7 different things for each course.  We had a blast!

 Trick-or-treating, of course
 And then what kid doesn't come home from trick-or-treating and do a little insanity work out?  I promise my kids don't have body image issues and feel like they need to immediately work off the candy.  I just bought the insanity work out dvds and they have been fascinated by them for some reason.  It's hilarious...until Max comes in while I'm actually working out and says, "higher mom, faster mom"  or just flat out shakes his head and rolls his eyes and with a smile says, "Mo-om" like I'm just not cutting it :)  Thanks coach.

And naturally, the photog in me has to leave you with some more costume pictures.  Sorry to make this post even longer!  We went pretty simple with the costumes this year.  Max has wanted to be Robin Hood since last year and has never changed his mind.  Lucky for me, my friend Jamie had made a Zelda costume for her son a couple years ago and it worked perfectly.  We just had to make the hat, the bow and arrows and the quiver.  Thanks Jamie, you saved me a load of time!  Max really wanted Shane to be Little John, and I'm sad that we didn't make it happen (I mean come on, I would love to see that man in some tights! :)  Max still loved being Robin Hood, even without his trusty sidekick.


I have always wanted Jayne to be Dorothy.  I hoped she would be on board.  Well, turns out if you give the girl some red sparkly shoes, she's in :)  Even though it's not that unique a costume (because I always see a ton of them on Halloween), I think it is a classic and always cute.  Shane's bro actually sent us the dress as a hand-me-down and it was a perfect fit.  I was ecstatic.  Plus it forced me to FINALLY learn how to french braid.  I know, it's sad i just learned.  I still suck at it, but we'll get there.   I debated whether to make Lucy the witch or Toto, but I loved the idea of them strolling together down the yellow brick road to the Emerald City together this way.  Too bad everyone thought Lucy was a cat...oh well :)  As soon as I knew what they were going to be, I knew this bird refuge by our house would be the perfect backdrop...complete with a yellow brick road and an Emerald City (with a little help from photoshop of course :)


Off to see the wizard!
I can't get over how Lucy is pointing!

There's no place like home :)...


Ang said...

Lou you always amaze me with what you come up with for Halloween! Wow, so stinkin' cute. Love each costume and how memorable you made the day for your kids. You are such a good little mommy... thanks for the inspiration!

Heather Williams said...

Always love these Lou! You always do such a good job...your such a good photographer! Thanks for posting and always being a great inspiration!

Melissa said...

I love reading your posts and checking in on your family to see how you're all doing. Most. beautiful. kids. ever. Those eyes!! Always love their halloween costumes, always love your photos, your style, and the lovely person you are. Such a fun mom! We miss you guys and wish we lived closer!

Siggy said...

Oh my gosh!!!! Love all of these. Esp "oz"!