Monday, April 23, 2012

A year of bliss :)

 Love this girl.  She really is such a peaceful presence in our sometimes crazy home :)  I remember a few times, when I thought I was about to lose my patience (and my mind) with my other two monkeys (mind you, I do love them a lot, but you moms know how it is sometimes), I would scoop Lucy up, close my eyes and just snuggle her close.  She really just has this calming affect on people and it would help me regroup every time.  She just scoots around, smiles and quietly does her thing and we are all crazy about her.  Happy birthday sweet girl!

 So, for Jayne's first birthday, I gave her one of my old dolls and also one that I made for her.  I was excited to carry that tradition on with Lucy.
 Both Max and Jayne were very hesitant about digging into their cakes when they turned one.  Not Lucy.  It was no holds barred for her.  This is the point where she decided one hand wasn't enough to get the goodness into her mouth.
 Then she decided it would double as a pore cleansing mask and hair treatment.
 Lucy loves her dad.  If he doesn't pick her up right when he gets home, she follows him around and lets him know about it.  So sweet...I absolutely love that this moment is frozen in time forever.