Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Birthday to Max!

Max is 5...what! It's crazy how fast that came. Max is such a fun kid. Although a little shy in public, he's super goofy when he's comfortable. And he is oh so sweet (when he wants to be :) Here is a prime example.

Translation: "I love Dad cause I love kissing him"
Translation: " I love mom more than this" (and then drew 2 ice cream cones)

He is constantly writing notes or just flat out saying stuff like this. Sometimes he writes more than my favorite thing (whatever that is at the moment) or more than a hundred trillion gillion or bigger than the biggest heart. Stuff like that. It melts me every time. The reason I said he is sweet when he wants to be because you might notice that the ice cream cones have red x's through them. He got mad at me later that day and crossed them out. He then saw that it made me feel bad and so to make up for it, he later wrote "100" meaning 100 scoops of ice cream. So we're good :)

To start off Max's big day, we did our traditional pancakes shaped like the first letter of your name and also how old you are. I need to work on my pouring skills, but you get the point.

Earlier this summer, we went to the lake and Max knew from that point on, he wanted a beach party, so that's what we did and it was a blast. Good call buddy :)

Ben, Madelyn, Cohen, Max, Justin, Jayne

They made boats and used their straws as the sails

Happy Birthday Max...we love you!


Heather Williams said...

Are you serious?! I mean, are you serious? Elise, you are an awesome mom. All your detail with his birthday, now that will be a great memory forever. You just amaze me and I just love how simple, yet detailed you are and UNIQUE! Max has always been such a cute little boy and I LOVE what he did with his art and the whole story about feeling bad for what he did...keep those always! Thanks Louey lou.

Spenny and Nellie Morris said...

So cute! Seriously, you blow my mind with your creative talents. Where did you play at "the beach?" I wish we lived closer. I think Logan would love Max. And is he seriously 5? Crazy! I am VERY impressed with his writing skills. What a smarty pants.

Ang said...

LOVE it! You are amazing Lou. Way to go on the bday party. Pictures to treasure forever. I'm still smiling about the note and the explanation to go along with it. That boy is so darn cute! Love you girl!

Jenny said...

He can write so well! Did you teach him? I love the creativity with comparing his love to ice cream cones and trillion gillion etc. So cute. And the birthday party photos are beautiful. Happy birthday Max!

Courtney Taylor said...

So I sure did have a dream just the other night that I was trying to convince you to do a pirate themed bday party for Max. Luckily I'd seen this post and so I knew the background for the dream. Seriously, why are dreams so weird?!

Jen said...

I love this party! Sooo cute!