Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More of Lucy

Had me a photo shoot with sweet little Lucy :) See more here.

Newborn Lucy-11 bw

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lucy's Birth

As I mentioned at the end of my last post, my good friend Sigrid took some pictures of Lucy's birth. Don't worry, nothing graphic. Thank you so much Sig for capturing these special (and very first) moments in our girls life.





Shane cozying up with his Sports Illustrated





SigridVictoria98 bw

it's a girl
It's a girl!




SigridVictoria80 bw


me and my girl



SigridVictoria4 bw
Sig & Luce

gma and gpa
Gma & Gpa Wilding


Monday, April 11, 2011

It's a girl! Introducing Foodine Frazier

*Note: For those of you who think I would actually name my child Foodine, I'm insulted. And for those of you who may actually know a Foodine, sorry if I just insulted you. :) More on Foodine later.

Meet Lucy Joyce Frazier. Born April 6 at 12:12 p.m. and weighing in at a whopping 8 lbs. 13 oz. I could tell she was going to be big and i think anyone who saw me could tell too.

Day before Lucy was born

I only have so much height for these giant babies to go, so yep, I stuck straight out. We don't really know how to make small babies I guess.

Everything went really smoothly with the delivery and I was pretty shocked when I saw that it was a girl. I convinced everyone including myself that it was a boy. Shane guessed girl all along and it turns out he was right. I'm so glad he was, obviously, because I can't imagine anyone but her. It was a little hard at times not knowing the gender (especially when I had to refer to her as "it"), but it made it so exciting and even more emotional somehow. Anyone out there considering not finding out, DO IT! It's so worth the wait.

Max and Jayne were a little weary at first, I think mostly because I was in the hospital and they weren't sure if everything was ok. Once they eventually figured out what was happening and that Lucy was the baby that I had been carrying around for months, they became obsessed with her.

Foodine is actually a name Max came up with long ago. We were putting out names that we liked one day and let the kids in on it too. Max threw out a few gems he thought were appropriate including Stank, Whitey, Mom, and Vixiwheel (all catchy), but Foodine became a fast favorite of his and stuck. And why wouldn't it :) He would often come up to kiss my belly and sweetly say, "Hi Foodine". After she was born and we told him her name was Lucy, he didn't hesitate to say, "Nope, Foodine." He hasn't let it go and continues to call her that. I'm not even sure he knows who this Lucy is that we keep talking about :) I'm ok with it though, it can be their little thing together. I'm sure if people only talk to Max about the new baby, they will be told with assurance that her name is Foodine :)

Lucy is actually a name we have loved ever since I was pregnant with Max and it just seemed to fit her. Joyce is after Shane's sweet grandmother.

Jayne is completely gone over Lucy. Her constant question is, "Mom, where's Wucy?" Lucy will definitely have to keep one eye open (see previous photo :) with Jayne around. Jayne is always there trying to shove Lucy's binki in, maul her or feed her chips. I'm glad she loves her and all, but sheesh, I'm a little worried for Lucy's welfare!

This picture above melts my heart. I have all brothers, which is wonderful, but I always wanted a sister (although, i have been blessed with amazing sisters-in-law :) I am so excited that Jayne and Lucy get to experience that and I guess I can live sisterhood vicariously through them somehow :)

When I got home from the hospital, there were 'I love Lucy' hearts everywhere. That Shane...so cute :) We feel so blessed to have her sweet little presence in our home. We love you Luce (aka Foodine)!

P.S. Many more pictures to come of course including some my friend took of her birth. Thanks again Sig!