Sunday, May 30, 2010

5 Years

Oh this poor blog, so neglected, so lonely. What better post to come back with than a post about love...ahhh. Yep, Shane and I celebrated our 5th anniversary in May and we had such a good time, that I couldn't let the good times sit stashed away any longer.

So each year we trade off who is in charge and this was my year. I thought 5 was a pretty big one, so we went all out. I didn't tell Shane anything we were doing. It was fun to see him squirm. I decided it would be fun to go back to all the spots that were stepping stones in our relationship. So off to Logan we went.

First stop, meeting

We actually first met at Ricks college...he asked me out, I couldn't go, yada yada yada, I never saw him again. Well, I wasn't about to spend our whole night driving to Rexburg, so I improvised...a Ricks blanket, some pictures of us from that year, and a bit of the bubbly to start the night off.

Next Stop, our reunion

Well 4 years after Ricks, much had happened in our lives, but the stars finally aligned and we were "reunited and it [felt] so good" (dang I wish I would have downloaded that song for this stop just to amp up the cheese factor). We met up again at a little campus concert put on by Kalai at the amphitheater. I was smitten right away and remember wishing that he would ask me out. Whew, he came through.

And of course, we couldn't leave campus without visiting this little site

It counts anyway since Shane made me a true Aggie

Next, our first date

We actually did this later on, but I'll just put it in the order that it happened back then. Sorry, we forgot to take a real picture. Too busy stuffing our faces with that goodness.

Next, the big "L"

Yeah, I know what you're all thinking, "You guys said I love you in a Wendy's over a frosty!?" Call, me crazy, but it was actually terribly romantic. Here's why. I'm sure Shane (he said it first) wouldn't have picked Wendy's as the first spot he would choose to tell me this, but he decided he just couldn't hold it in any longer. So, instead of saving it for another day, he let me know right then and there. I love that about him...he's an open book. You know what, it feels incredible to hear that no matter where you are. :)

Next, the engagement

This is where it went down a little over five years ago. At the time, Shane and I played a lot of scrabble together, so he worked it in (I still always beat him at it by-the-way, hee hee). He set up hundreds of twinkle lights, coaxed me to the spot, and when he plugged them in I saw this

Sorry, it's probably hard to see, but it says 'Elise will you marry me'. It was such an amazing night (despite the fact that my hands were so cold, they swelled up and I couldn't get the ring off) So, for this stop on our anniversary, I repaid him with this

Next, our Wedding day

For this stop, we went to the Logan temple grounds and read what we had written in our journals about that day. Our wedding day is burned in my brain, but it was so fun to read about it again and to hear Shane's version.

Last stop, wedding night

We stayed in the same room at the same bed and breakfast we stayed at on our wedding night. Sorry, forgot real pictures again. The funny thing is as we were reading Shane's journal entry at the temple, he had written something like, "We stayed at Parrish Place in Salt Lake. It was kind of a weird place in a creepy part of town. We probably won't go back." Little did he know we would be going back in a couple of hours. :) I think what weirded us out were the owners. They were a little shady. But when we went back, it was under new management and we found it to be very charming and inviting. Who knows, maybe we'll be back in another 5:)

I just have to share what Shane got me...he did a great job. I have been wanting him to engrave my ring since I got it and this year, he did it. So on his ring I engraved 'Therefore walk with me' which comes from a scripture I love in Moses 6:34 (Behold my Spirit is upon you, wherefore all thy words will I justify; and the mountains shall flee before you, and the rivers shall turn from their course; and thou shalt abide in me, and I in you; therefore walk with me.) This is the Lord talking to Enoch. When applied to us, it reminded me that when we are married, we became one with each other and one with the Lord (which is also why there are three diamonds on my ring) and that I wanted him walking beside me through all that would come in our life together.

In my ring, Shane engraved 'D&C 90:24 Walk Uprightly' (This is the whole scripture: Search diligently, pray always, and be believing, and all things shall work together for your good, if ye walk uprightly and remember the covenant wherewith ye have covenanted one with another) He gave me the ring along with this photoI was very impressed with his photography prowess :)

And finally, the crowning jewel of his gift giving :)
I love when he pulls out stuff like this. This was purchased at the D.I. and my sister-in-law described the sheer genius of this video best when she said, "First of all, who would buy that video and second of all, who would ever give it up!" Amen. I'm getting buried with that thing. If anyone is throwing a Hip hop country themed party, we are more than willing to rent it out for a small fee. Call me.

Man that boy makes me laugh. This is how it all started
And that is how it has been ever since. We just have such a great time together. And yes, I have wet myself on several occasions due to laughing so hard. Ok, not really, but have come really close :) I love you shnoogums-boogums :) and I could almost bust from being so lucky to have you. And when kids as cute as these come with the deal, what more could I ask for.


Karrissa Winward said...

Such a cute idea and I love that recorded it on your blog!! Happy Anniversary!

michiganbliss said...

Happy Anniversay!!

( And seriously, Elise. Those kids. Oh. My. Beautiful.)

Jenny said...

That was darling, and made me smile so much. I love the photo of the scripture and ring with the heart shadow. Wow. Happy Anniversary you guys.

Marty and Brigette said...

Happy Anniversary! What an amazing tribute to how it all began. Love it all! You guys are amazing...

Spenny and Nellie Morris said...

So, Spenny and I read this together yesterday...we laughed, we cried, you moved us! :) No really, so cute. It's fun to see other couples that are truly in love. It made us really miss you guys. Maybe you should come move to California!! It really took me back to the USU times. Bridgerland apartments, our student ward, the sorority...good times. I would like to think I had a little bit to do with you guys falling in love. I was on your first date back in Logan together ya know. :)

Great pictures-and hats off to Shane's cool pict too. Glad you had a fun getaway. We tried to celebrate our 5th anniversary, but ended up with sick kids. :) That's life huh?

Heather Williams said...

Okay that post was literally the best. Really Lou, you guys seem to be more in love now then you were then (and it sure looks like you were madly in love then). I love that you shared this, and who took all those pics of you two? did you put it on timer, cause they look great. And your kids...sheesh, they are pretty stinkin adorable.

So fun to read.

Ashlee said...
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Unknown said...

I love your story. That is so cute. Kind of lame compared to what me and Nick did for our 5th. We went to the batting cages at Cherry Hill. Just kidding. Can you tell who was in charge of the planning this year? For some reason we always run in to Shane at the strangest places. We just saw him Saturday at the Layton Library. Last time it was at Smith and Edwards because he was craving nachos! I hope you guys are doing great. It sounds like it. I hope we run into you again soon!

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