Monday, January 4, 2010

A Cool Yule

{Little note about the post title. Hanging in Shane's parents home is an infamous block of wood. Many years ago, Shane and his brother Derrick hatched up a little present for Mom and Pop Frazier (Shane describes it as what only could have been the two of them panicking on Dec. 24 when they didn't have a gift for them yet). Etched on this piece of wood (in chicken scratch) are the words, "Have a cool yule". I laugh every time I see it and love that it is hanging there faithfully every year. Anyway, just had to use it.}

We did, in fact, have a cool yule. I'll give you a quick run down although just know that there is a "lots o' pics and info warning" attached to this post.

Somtime leading up to Christmas:

Temple Square, oh so beautiful.

Shane claims that I am never in pictures (which is probably true). So here you go honey.

Christmas Eve Eve:

We held the 1st annual Hyde/Wilding Olympics. The Hydes are family friends that go back before I was even born. We get together every Christmas and get our game on. This year (with Amber's party expertise) we went whole hog with the gamein'.

The kids started it out with Santa Santa Elf (Duck Duck Goose!)

Then on to the Rudolph Dash (stick paper nose on with vaseline and run without it falling off )
Max needed a little coaxing
Santa Says (Simon Says)
Christmas Bingo
And nothing says Christmas like a butterfly pinata :)

As soon as the kids had their fun, the big kids came out to play and there was pride and a trophy at stake.

1st Event, three-legged elf race
Poor Lyndsay thought her leg might need amputation due to how tight their rope was

Next, Ornament Smash (tie balloon to ankle and try to pop opponents)

Stocking Snatch (put socks partially on feet, crawl on all fours and pull off opponents socks)
Ribbon Pull (Tug o' war)

Jingle Bell Relay (Having to hold about 20 jingle bells while running through a relay course and not drop a single one)

And finally Christmas Family Feud

When it was all over, the points from each event were added up and it seemed the Hydes were the champions. Fortunately, there was a miscalculation and in the end, the Wildings were victorious!
Until next year Hydes!

Christmas Eve:

We spent this day with Shane's parents in Downey. I didn't get very many pictures (I'm not sure why), but it was great to be with them and share stories from the past. Thanks for everything G and G Frazier!

Christmas Morning:

Was spent with our little family quietly at home.
Max's little pjs were Shane's when he was a boy(his mom made them)...couldn't let their cuteness go to waste.

Christmas Evening:

Spent with the Wilding clan. We had a pretty typical, presents, etc. Little did we know pure mayhem was about to ensue. We played a game that goes like this: Get a present and wrap it A LOT (we passed it around beforehand and each wrapped it 20 times, equaling 80). On each layer of paper, write something that the person who opens it has to do. We also each brought 3 white elephant gifts that everyone got to choose and steal. Some of the layers said to take a gift or pass a gift.

Woops, my mom got the fur-coverd, leopard print handcuffs. Don't want to know.

The other layers had requests that had us rolling.
We had jigs
Alan's paper said to dance like my mom. Generally she doesn't can can, but you have to commend his high
Gene Simmons from KISS. Sorry mom, I know you might kill me for posting this, but it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission, right? :)


Preening cats

Eating a teaspoon of horseradish
Originally Emilie got the horseradish command, but when she refused, we decided Alan had to take one for the team. Her punishment was a big, horseradishy wet one.

and Jowling. Oh the jowling. Basically just relax your face and shake it like mad. I got this idea from these amazing photographers (I don't know them, I just follow their blog). If you have an slr camera, set shutter speed on high and let the good times (and your face) roll. (sorry, the pictures turned out pretty dark because of the fast shutter speed in a fairly dark house, but you get the point)
Greg and Hannah decided to go with the tongue out method which can be very effective
Everyone looks great, but the jowling prize definitely goes to Big Al. A face only a mother could love :)

Some of the other requests were compare your first kiss the something (the flu was the answer), fat guy in a little coat impression (I got that one), dog with itch (also got that one and they made me be accurate and use my leg), what your pro wrestling name would be and why, reveal a lie you told your parents, and the best impression of my brother Blair. The possibilities are endless...give it a try! You won't regret it!

It was just an all around great night
This also made for some great comic relief. Upon opening some gifts, my mom found that she had received a magic Bullet from my bro Nate, Nate received one from my dad, and my dad received one from my mom. There's gonna be a lot of frappe goin on. Anyone need a Magic Bullet?
And, of course, you must sit on Santa's lap for Christmas to be complete.
And, of course, you must have a "crying on Santa's lap" picture for childhood to be complete.
Setting aside all the crazy antics from above, the best thing about Christmas is, as always, our Savior Jesus Christ. It is so special to be able to teach my children about Him and to see them catch on. I look forward to seeing their faith in Him grow year after year.
Shane built this amazing little manger for a seminary project, but we decided we couldn't let it just sit around for Christmas

Well, in typical late blogging fashion, we hope you had a wonderful Christmas season filled with joy, peace, and love.