Wednesday, May 13, 2009


So, this is what I woke up to Sunday morning...a heart-shaped SPAM loaf with mayo "frosting". Do I like SPAM? NO. Did I eat this morsel for breakfast? HECK NO! Do I love my man for making it for me? Definitely. He never ceases to keep me entertained. I laughed my head off and frankly, I brought it upon myself. Shane keeps coming home and telling me (in a very excited manner mind you) about different SPAM recipes he has heard of, as if he thinks I will get on board and try them. I immediately decline and thoroughly make fun of him, once again, for his love of the food group that includes all things processed. So, I guess this was payback for all the verbal lashings. Well, the card was nice anyway (ok, and he did make me a fantastic chuck wagon breakfast (thanks hon!), sans the SPAM. However, did Shane serve himself a generous portion? You betcha.)

Other than SPAM stinkifying my refrigerator, it was a lovely Mothers Day spent with some of those that we love most. No Mother's Day would be complete without admiring these wonderful women:

Grandma Nelson

She is sweetness personified. Her kindness and care truly know no bounds and her smile lights up your soul.


(circa 1979. Shane is the one on the left)

Confident, loving, and always true to herself. She never lets fear stand in her way, especially when it comes to right and wrong. The other day, Shane was looking at Jayne and said, "She already has a very loving face." As I thought about what exactly that meant, my mind immediately turned to Ellen...I guess Jayne inherited that from her!


circa 1981

There is never a dull moment with Jeannie. She is fun-loving, generous, and always looking for ways to serve and then acting on it. She taught me early on that if you are feeling down, then you are too tied up in yourself and the best cure is to go out and help someone.

Thank you for raising us, putting up with our antics, and loving us and our children unconditionally.

And, of course, my life would not be complete without these little gems. They are the reason I have the privilege to be called mother. Happy Mother's Day!


Spenny and Nellie Morris said...

I just love reading your blog- I know I'll always get a laugh! I have to say Shane, I wouldn't eat SPAM for breakfast either. What were your thinking?! Well I guess you get points for it being heart shaped! The picts of your kids are adorable. Elise, they really do take after you! :)

Angie said...

I'm so glad that you had a great Mother's Day! Shane, you are very creative, way to go!

Spenny and Nellie Morris said...

P.S. I love the title! What does SPAM really stand for?

Blair and Lyndsay said...

Cute pics lou!!

Frazier said...

What is with the this family's love of spam? Shane takes it to whole new levels though. I love the pictures of your kids. Too cute. I wonder what it would be like if my kids smiled when the camera was around? I think we are finally about ready to get together with your family. I need someone who will play game shows with me. We missed you on Sunday.

Our Little Corner said...

Did you say, "I do not like a Heart Shaped Spam, I do not like it Shane, my man!"
"I will not eat it at the table, I will not eat with Shilo's Aunt Mable!"
"I will not eat it with Max on the floor. In fact, let's throw it out the door!"
"I do not want it grilled or fried, a better gift I hope you buyed."

Looks like you had a very fun Mother's day. That was a cute tribute to all your moms. I really do have an Aunt Mabel, by the way. That was not poetic license. :)

jon smith said...

You asked us our secret to clear pictures with no camera blur, but you take beautiful photos! Natural light and a big aperture (1.4-2.8) is the number one thing. Most shaking occurs when the button is clicked, make sure your hand is under the lens, gripping tightly, then the button push won't jostle the camera. I found a good link with tips from a photographer I know. Natalie has a bunch of good tips, check 'em out.
– Jon

Kati said...

YUCK!! I am so glad you didn't eat it. I was afraid to read that you loved it. What a good joke though. So fun. Kurt likes the SPAM too. I think it looks nasty. Glad you had a wonderful mothers day!

Doug W. said...

Now it is official, you guys have to come to Minnesota to visit us. Located 40 minutes from our house in Austin, MN is the SPAM Museum. Seiously, a whole museum devoted to "spiced ham".

Melissa said...

Jayne is growing right up! I love the 2 photos showing her eyes so close up and clear...beautiful! You two make the cutest kids. Ever.