Friday, March 21, 2008

The Abyss

The black hole that is my purse. Sure, it looks all nice and neat laid out here, but don't be deceived. Shane didn't give it the name "abyss" for nothing. Peggy, you really got yourself into some unchartered waters tagging me, but I will do the bag tag nonetheless.

Key Items:

-wipes/dayplanner: sorry ladies, you can't buy them like this. They just happen to glue to each other while down there together. But, if anyone wants to go halfsies on the marketing, we could probably make millions, eh?

-infiniti+1 receipts: I always have good intentions of keeping them in an envelop and clearing them out regularly, but as you can see, good intentions pave the know the rest.

-Ice Breakers tropical sours: These are so good! Try them!

-balm: So good too! Try It!

-Leatherman & mini tapemeasure: Surprising how much I use these wherever I go.

-various and sundry baby items (as you can see from the picture, I need them): I bought this bag extra big for this very purpose, but it also perpetuates the problem of not being able to find anything in there.


Seth and Peggy said...

beautiful. just beautiful. At least it is a real live bag, and not just the diaper bag!