Sunday, January 27, 2008

Great Memories, Great Friends, Great Weekend

I wasn't originally planning on including this in the post of course, but I felt I needed to honor a great man and prophet. Shane and I had to speak in church yesterday and I thought it was fitting that we spoke about charity on the day that a man who possessed this virtue in every way passed on from this life. I am so grateful for his leadership during some very formative years of my testimony and life. It was interesting when I heard the news because I thought that when he did finally go, I would be very emotional, but I was surprised when I wasn't. I think I just knew that he had led life to the fullest and served the Lord with all his might and I couldn't help but feel joy for that. He had such a contagious zeal for life and love for everyone and will be greatly missed.

Over Martin Luther King weekend, we were able to dig up some old memories. Seriously, we're getting pretty old! We packed up and made our way to Rexburg. (yeah, I know it doesn't seem the most likely destination to pick in the middle of winter seeing as it was -25° at one point!) The main purpose was to go to the Rexburg temple open house, but because Shane and I both attended Ricks (well, when it was still Ricks) it was a walk down memory lane as well. Our first stop was Big Juds, home of the famous 1 lb. burger. We met up with our friends Will and Ashlee Jenson. (Will is an Econ. professor at BYU-I and they just moved there last summer) It was awesome to catch up with them and they were also nice enough to let us bunk at their house for the night. Thanks again you guys! Come see us soon!

This is us in front of the infamous Royal Crest 214 where I used to live and where we very first met. Who knew we would be here 7 years later with a son! Certainly not us!

After walking around campus until Max bawled because he couldn't take the cold anymore, we went to the open house. It was, of course, beautiful.

As we sat in a small room to watch a video before we went on the tour, I got a little sentimental and misty-eyed as the sister missionary talked to all of us. I remembered the awesome opportunity I had to do the same at the Sao Paulo Brazil temple re-dedication. What an amazing experience that I will never forget (all you ladies that were there with me know what I'm talking about!)

Hands down, the best part of last weekend was seeing our good friend Wade become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He just moved here from Georgia and he and Shane met as they walked to Barnes and Noble in a snow storm. Kind of unlikely yes, but we are so glad it happened. Wade is truly an amazing person and it's always a blast when he's around. We're so happy for you Wade!!!


Siggy said...

You are just as photogenic as I am! The temple is Beautiful! I loved your post of Pres. Hinckley...I was thinking that I needed to do the same thing! Also, I totally forgot how I knock off the rainbow snow tops! I got a really good laugh!

SIGGY don't comment too much!

Brianne said...

WoW! I totally love your testimony woman!! I was so happy to see a pic of us at the Sao Paulo temple. I thought about the time when we got to serve together too! AMAZING! did you know I went to BYUI after I got married to my hubby? I want to go up and see the Rexburg Temple now too!! It is beautiful!! :)
Love, Brianne aka sis. redding
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check it out if you want!

christianna said...

que saudades ... the open house in sao paulo was so long ago!! i can't believe.

i'm so glad you got to go to the open house up in rexburg. it sounds like a really great trip!

Spenny and Nellie Morris (Mo town) said...

Looks like a very full exciting week for you! That's so exciting your friend was baptized! How lucky he is to have friends like you to help him along. We miss you guys!

ashleyghyde said...

Hi, i'm sitting right next to you. All i have to say are wicked awesome!

Contact Information said...

Wow... what a neat weekend. I would say that word "neat".

Kati said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. Happy be-lated birthday Shane! That picture of the temple looks like a post card! Great photography!

StephanieAnn said...

That's awesome! Sounds like things are going great for you guys!

Seth and Peggy said...

I had no idea you two met before at Ricks college. That is such a neat little fact in your relationship!