Sunday, November 7, 2010

Well... and Sloppy Joe got married...
joe married

.. got 2 kids and we're doin' just fine...
2 kids

...down in lunch lady land.
lady land

sloppy joe, Slop-sloppy joe
yell joe

If you haven't a clue what I'm talking about, feel free to enlighten yourself with this complimentary video.

Poor Shane...he makes one ugly lady. No offense hon, you're really hot as a man.
Oh, you're a freak and I love you for it. And who would ever think that Chris Farley could high-kick better than you. :)


I have asked Max in the past what he wanted to be, but he hasn't really cared until this year. And boy did he! He changed what he wanted to be about every day. There was a trucker, (I don't know where that came from-I don't think he really knew what that meant, but I was prepared to have a lot of fun with it) a train engineer and then finally, when he saw some cowboy boots at the D.I., the heavens parted for him and he was true blue, through and through



Hank the cowboy(the belt was given to Shane from girlfriends past. It has little love notes engraved on the inside:) Couldn't care less, it's a cool belt...thanks girl).
And just a side note, Max hasn't taken off his blessed boots since. Insists on wearing them to church every Sunday.

Every good cowboy needs to know how to rope,

handle a six-shooter,

be a horse whisperer,

intimidate other rascally cowboys with a good crazy-eye,

and pick his nose. Hey, it get's dusty out there.

For Jayne, I decided that since I made her be corn on a stick last year, I'd let her be something a little more girly this year. Hence, Little Red Riding Hood

red hood

On the way to Grandma's cottage, Little Red met up with some woodland creatures, (and was pretty terrified of them, I might add)
going to grans


got lassoed by a rascally cowboy,

and, well, just couldn't help herself. Sorry Granny.

And if you haven't already had enough of our belated Halloween post, I'll leave you with one more costume ( I wore this one to a YW activity)

Surprise! Yep, I've got a bun in the oven. We're pretty ecstatic (especially now that the morning sickness has finally let up). Maybe the slightest bit freaked out by the notion of 3, but mostly we're ecstatic. This little bun will be fully baked by April 12. And no need to ask what we're having. We won't know until April 12. Shane thinks I won't be able to hold out until then, but I'm actually so excited NOT to find out until that magical moment.

Well, Happy Halloween from all of us until next year!

happy halloween

Post Script: Thank you to my friend Joelle for making Jayne's AMAZING little dress (I am so happy it finally fits her Joelle!) and to my friend Emily for taking all the Sloppy Joe and bun in the oven pics!


Catlin said...

Amazing costumes! They look so good!

And congrats on the baby! That is so exciting!

michiganbliss said... Those costumes! Amazing. Great photos.
Congrats on your exciting news!!! You make beautiful kiddos so keep 'em coming.:)

Ashlee said...

Love. Love. Love. You guys always have great costumes. Oh and you definitely need to take pics of my family sometime :) Your kids are so adorable and I am so excited that you are adding another one to the family, congrats!!

Megan said...

Super cute. I'm due in April as well, and we're not finding out the gender either. Good luck!

Ang said...

OH MY GOSH... the Frazier family amazes me once again for their Halloween costumes. And you Elise, did a fabulous job with all the pictures and your beautiful words. You guys all look so great! Shane is hilarious, Jayne cute as ever!, and Max is my kind of kid... cowboy and all. Both of your costumes rock! I seriously want to borrow at least one of them next year. Glad to hear you're feeling better... I've been thinking lots about you lately! Love you!

Jenny said...

Wahoo! Congratulations you guys about baby number 3! Oh, surprises are great. I thought it was fun to wait. And I love your costumes. You crack me up. Well, mostly Shane. The photos of the kids in their costumes are darling. You have a talent for photography.

Angie said...

Those are some of the cutest pics I have ever seen...except you Shane, I have seen cuter than you...he he.
I love the dedication to the holiday!

Spenny and Nellie Morris said...

Hurray! I've been wanted to see an update from the Frazier Fabulous Four...I mean Five! Yea-congrats! Super excited for you. And so fun to wait. I told Spen the only way I could wait would be if we had one of that we do I still don't know if I could wait. But that will be so fun. And love the Halloween costumes. Every time I make sloppy joes, Spenny sings that little sloppy joe diddly. Love it. And your kids look adorable of course. You're such a talented woman--how do you do it?

We're coming up for Christmas and will be in Utah for about 10 days. How bout a little get together?

Karrissa Winward said...

I love them all!! You guys are the greatest and congratulations!!

Angie said...

I have seen Shane in a dress more times than I can count!!! Smokin' hot!!! Shane you still rock the polyester! -markley

Boys name...Markley
Girls name... Markleyetta

Our Little Corner said...

Why does Shane always dress up as a woman? hmmmmm
I announced that I was pregnant to the people I worked with on Halloween and I'm so mad (8 years later) that I didn't think to be a bun in the oven. I just handed out Baby Ruth's. Wish I'd known you then since you're so creative.

Jen said...

Congrats on #3! And I adore all the costumes, you are always so creative!

Kem said...

That's awesome on #3 and dang cute pics of the fam.

Sally said...

Lalalove the costumes!!!! Lalalove all the family pics too! Congrats on the new little one!

Emily M said...

I can't believe that is Shane's real chin. That was such a great idea. And your kids are perfectly adorable. We had a cowboy this year, too. AND WOW! Congratulations on number 3. You two make for darling kiddos so keep them coming, I say!

Melissa said...

You guys are hilarious, super original, a complete blast, and some of our favorite people. And now you're adding a third adorable member to your family!!! YAY! Congrats you two!! Miss you guys!

Heather Williams said...

Is that baby of yours here yet? Elise, I'm pretty sure you could make millions with you costumes. Seriously this post has made my 2011 year awesome. And your captions are priceless too! Shane is a good sport and I loved your "Bun in the Oven." Your kiddos are adorable. Can't wait to see pictures of the new one. Take good care of yourself!

Stephanie said...

I thought I commented already. :) Congratulations! And I can't wait for more updates. :) Max and Jayne are getting so big! You have an adorable family!